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We work with small businesses to manage your online reputation. Therefore, Kenny Co Op believes in in leading from the middle. Our clients feel that they need to be able to connect on social media. As you will see, most felt like there was no affordable way to connect to their clients in the google, facebook, twitter, instagram world. But, they found that working with Kenny Co Op, they could take charge of their online presence and control their online reputation affordably. If you are ready to connect with us, just click the READY TO CONNECT button directly below.

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Social media experts dedicated to your online reputation and presence

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Providing video & photograph services reducing outside vendor costs

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Taking care of your design needs for social media accounts and campaigns

Why Your Online Reputation Matters

Why Your Business Depends On Reputation

Your online reputation is your first impression for potential clients, customers, shoppers and anyone who you need to stay in business. The Internet is the first place we turn to learn about anything—Do you want to miss these potential clients because you hav NO online reputation or a negative online reputation?

Everyday we make hundreds of decisions on who to trust, where to shop, what to buy, just by looking online. For instance, your professional opportunities will be decided by your online reputation. This can be the difference between success or failure.

Online reputation management means taking control of the web content connected to your business.

Your Online Reputation Is All About Local

If you depend on personal interaction with your customers, local ranking and reviews is the most important part of any marketing or advertising mission. You need to be tied locally to your clients in search results and referrals. More than ever people are looking for to their online community and “friends” to recommend them a service or product. With that one goolge search you need to convey that you have positive reviews with the highest possible ranking. Your business shows up locally and your friends approve.

What We Know About Local Consumers


78% of location-based mobile searches about a business turn into a purchase



82% of consumers rely on social media referrals when choosing a business


Let Your Reputation Proceed You

Building a strong and reliable online reputation is the key to long term success in business. No longer does the size of your yellow page ad or you coupon clipper magazine ad bring you customers. Everyone is using social media and google results to determine the value of your business. Solidifying you reputation and place in online reviews and referrals is a necessity.

Skills you can trust

I’ve been trying for months to find a way to build landing pages and sites quickly but customized, without having to sign on to some packaged software solution that makes things easy but predictable, and limited. Save yourself the time and aggravation – just install Elementor and start loving your new page creating freedom.
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Questions? I have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

No, The first step in this process is to determine your short and long term goals. Then we work together to find a solution that fits your needs. 

The purpose of online reputation management is to create balance, counteract misleading trends, and allow you to put your best foot forward.

Your online reputation is what people find when they look for you online.

That matters, because you have seconds to make a first impression. You want searchers to see the best you offer. Before they move to the next company.

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About Me

During my life, I have found that when working cooperatively with a group of people, I have been the most satisfied with my work. I thrive when a new challenge is put in front of me. Working in the Northeast Ohio area since 1990, I feel that I have a well rounded understanding of the marketing and advertising culture of the Cleveland, Akron and Canton Ohio markets. It has been extremely rewarding having the opportunity of building great friendships and experiences. I love a good challenge and enjoy building online content, advertising champains and reputation management. I spend my free time with my best friend, my wife. Sometimes she lets me look for old hotwheels (my secret passion). Two cats and a dog later, I find that my life couldn’t be any better.

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If you don’t, you better start paying attention to your online reputation. Pretty soon your reputation will be on-the-line.

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